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Welcome to Mokador Hungary!

The Italian brand MOKADOR has been synonymous with high-quality coffee worldwide for forty years.
MOKADOR arrived in Hungary in 2010 and has become one of the consumers' favorites at home ,in offices, restaurants and cafes.
The company's founder, Domenico Castellari, has found the most perfect coffee-growing places in the world through countless trips and tastings. The excellent ingredients are selected by meticulous handwork in the center of Italy, mixed and roasted according to our own recipe, then cooled and packaged in such a way that they retain their perfect quality until the moment of preparation and consumption.

MOKADOR the epitome of excellent Italian quality. Taste it at home, at work, or recommend it to your guests in the café or restaurant you run.

Perfect aroma | Perfect experience

Our passion is coffee: whether it's home, office or restaurant, we aim to make every cup of MOKADOR coffee the perfect experience.

Learn, try it also the MOKADOR premium coffee range and be our regular customer or reseller. We will deliver your orders on favorable terms and within a short period of time.

Featured coffee specialties

MOKADOR procures coffee from the best growing places in the world.The soft, creamy and sweet-tasting arabica coffee beans are selected from the highland plantations of Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica, and the stronger and more full-bodied robusta coffee beans are selected from African and Asian production areas.

What makes it so delicious?

MOKADOR's unique coffee blends are the pride of the company's roastery in Faenza. The consistency of their ingredients makes our coffee recognizable at any time worldwide, and we ensure this through continuous, rigorous quality control. For all our consumers, the MOKADOR brand is synonymous with outstanding quality.

Each product is packaged under strict control under special conditions to preserve the aroma and freshness of the coffee until the moment of consumption. MOKADOR manufactures and packages the entire coffee product range on its own production lines, thus maintaining quality control.

All MOKADOR coffee beans are KOSHER sealed coffee and comply with KOSHER product specifications.
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