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Piu Crema Forte ESE Espresso Coffe Pod 50 pcs

Piu Crema Forte ESE Espresso Coffe Pod 50 pcs
Piu Crema Forte ESE Espresso Coffe Pod 50 pcs

Piu Crema Forte of espresso coffee Pod | Coffee pad 50 pcs
Intense roasted coffee blend with a strong and definite taste. Its aroma is outstanding.
Selected from the finest African and Indian robusta and the best Guatemalan arabica varieties.
The thick, dark, thick cream in the cup is really stunning.
Its strong, pleasantly bitter taste, intense body, syrupy appearance and gentle intensity aroma captivate everyone.
Due to its high arabica content, it is characterized by a light, fruity taste and soft intensity.
Its rich aroma suggests the notes of cocoa.

ESE stands for the "Easy Serving Espresso" international standard. Unlike closed coffee systems, which allow the use of pods made primarily for the brand.
ESE Pods can be used with more than 400 different coffee makers. The (ESE) pots are also called Cialde and are smaller and stronger than regular coffee pads.
High quality espresso and the practical and organic ESE standard offer 100% coffee enjoyment.

ESE pods ensure easy and clean coffee making.

  • A harmonious blend of arabica and robusta,
  • fruity taste and soft intensity,
  • 20 pods in the box with 7g, freshly packed separately,
  • pod standard: E.S.E. (Easy to make espresso)

Product features
Product typeCaffe pod (Ground coffee).
Packaging50 db. /box
Bodied taste4/5
Ideal forMorning
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It's not presumptuous to say: for Mokador coffee always one thing is for sure - certified top quality. In 1967 when Domenico Castellari founded the company, he anchored his passion for coffee and highest standards in the corporate philosophy of the company.
Until today it is in family ownership and is based in Faenza in the northern Italy region of Emilia Romagna. Mokador is one of few roasters who have the operation certification for quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).
In addition the voluntary BVQI Certification considers it as the unique Gran Miscela mixture, the name "Cialda Top Quality" and the Kosher Certicication for all coffee products.
The longterm quality of Mokador is guaranteed, due to the regular inspections by the international certification body BVQI.
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